Customer Service – FAQs

1. What is is an online store featuring Fashion, Electronics and toys based. The site is partnered with to provide a large selection of items and deals.

2. Who created the site? was created by creative team at to help organize the product catalogue in Fashion, Electronics, Toys and Babies categories. We hand pick some of the great deals on daily basis and keep improving the user experience and usability of the site.

3. What does ‘Partnered with‘ mean? takes content from, but organizes it into a form that’s easier to follow than having to do it at Amazon‘s own site. Once you add multiple products to your cart and ready to checkout, you will be directed to the‘s shopping cart. You may want to verify your cart before proceeding to checkout to make sure you have correct items in the cart as you requested/intended.

4. Why not just shop at Amazon directly?

You’re certainly free to do so. However, Amazon requires you to actively search through their database for specific items. And sometimes that gives you results you don’t want. All you have to do at is simply click on one of the categories in top navigation or search for the product by it’s name or brand.

5. Is shopping on this site safe and secure?

Of course; When you shop, only your selections are stored in an online shopping cart on-site. When you’re ready to check out, the contents of the cart are passed along to‘s secure server. Your sensitive information is never required on‘s site, so there’s no need to worry about your payment details being seen. All of that is encrypted by Amazon by the time you’re ready to pay.

6. Some of items listed have different price when I add the product to the cart or I checkout at

We usually keep the pricing up to date and in sync with Amazon’s servers, so you may not get this issue, but please remember that all prices at the Checkout process are always final so please review it before placing the order.

7. How does your free shipping work?

You can read the details concerning free shipping here.

8. Who do I contact if I have a question about my order?

If you have any questions regarding shipping, refunds, or any other concerns with a recently placed order, all inquiries should be directed to

9. How can we contact anyone at, please use the Contact us form.