Nov 2015

WestJet’s Black Friday Sale – Video Preview

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WestJet’s is on now! Enjoy 7 days of great savings on select flights and vacation packages. Book by November 30, 2015 (11:59pm MT). Some restrictions apply. For full details, terms, and travel dates, see for more info.

WestJet Black Friday Sale (flights)

WestJet Black Friday Sale (vacations)

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The WestJet YouTube channel features viral hits like our Christmas Miracle and April Fool’s videos. It also includes pro travel tips, essentials from our vacation hot spots and cool aviation videos that showcase the aircraft we fly and what it’s like to work in the airline industry.

WestJet on YouTube

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Никита Российтцев

4 years ago

Warning: if you live in an area of the US accepting mass refugees, be wary of shopping on this day, very large risk of a bombing occuring, spread the word, don't let your friends and family risk dying for a sale.

The Rolls Royce Trent

4 years ago

Fly WestJet & WestJet Encore

Hikari Matsuoka

4 years ago


Dani D

4 years ago

watching this, that night still seems so so surreal. one of the best nights of my life and knowing I'm gonna get to watch it again and whenever I want soon is awesome! can't wait for everyone to see it and cry. Thank you for all of your genuine hardwork all of you and to Brian the MVP who edited and put this thang together so everyone could have a chance to experience it, my hat is tipped off to you, you are wonderful! all of you are! ❤ OK ily I'm gonna just keep watching the trailer until the dvd comes out. ☺

Kat Griffin

4 years ago

i'm not crying... i have a great need in my eye


4 years ago

I'm really sad that this won't be on YouTube. :(

Steph Lewis

4 years ago


Sydney Surajram

4 years ago

Darren as Harry just makes my heart smile.

Atiana Monique

4 years ago

brb dying


4 years ago

yes yes yes yes

Claire Langwald

4 years ago

I'm so glad I don't live too far from ann arbor/U of M. I love visiting there. Especially because of Team StarKid and the whole school in general.


4 years ago

Ohhhhh yes! :D Thank you so much!


4 years ago

And r u guys posting on YouTube? Btw u guys are everything I want to live up to be!

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